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Created topic  › AMD & Linux OpenGL OpenCL

one of my favorite GPU Benchmarks is:

Unigine Tropics 1.3

from 2008, but still works.

has some "errors" in the shadows, horizontal instead of vertical, but...

overall i like it very much.

«  2021-08-29
Created topic  › hfsplus is Not detected by Windows / Ext2fsb

In Windows8.1

hfs+ partitions created on OSX, are detected as hfs+ partitions,.

in Disk Management,

they are visible with Bootcamp drivers in Mac HW,

or without Mac HW, using Paragon hfs payd drivers.

but Linux hfsplus

«  2021-08-17
Created topic  › WARNING: Ext2fsb 0.69 destroys New Linux Ext4 partitions SuperBlock MagicNumber

WARNING: Ext2fsb 0.69 destroys New Linux Ext4 partitions SuperBlock MagicNumber.

if you have Windows, and need to see Ext4 partitions, the only option was Ext2fsb 0.69,

BUT... that version does Not support New ext4 Metadata Checksum, and 64-Bit Superblock numbers.

«  2021-08-17
Created topic  › JackAudio vs. PulseAudio & ALSA

Linux has many audio drivers, usually Non persistent.

mac OSX has CoreAudio, persistent.

Windows: WDM, DX, and ASIO, also persistent.

Linux: PulseAudio, ALSA, and Jack.

People Not interested in "Advanced Audio Routings & Settings",

«  2021-08-16
Created topic  › Booting NVMe in Bios Legacy HW.... all OS.

found something amazing....


«  2021-08-15
Created topic  › Thunderbolt2 work ok.

using Startech PCIe_x4 M.2 x1 adapter.

there are more advanced adapters,

but i don´t have those...

HighPoint 8x M.2  PCIe v3.0 v4.0

Sonnet 4xM.2 PCIe_x16, very

«  2021-08-13
Replied to topic  › ¿Is in beta or has a stable version ?

it is stable, that is Not the problem...

the problem is that comes "incomplete", without Activity monitor, Drive Partition tools, hfs tools, muon, synaptic, etc...

you have to install manually later.

works very nice, with most software i´ve tested.

also co

«  2021-08-13
Created topic  › Vivaldi Browser an Opera alternative, Works OK.

Works Ok...


«  2021-08-13
Created topic  › Swap File vs. Partition vs. SSD / M.2 NVMe vs. SoftRAID vs. Thunderbolt PCIe ToDo Test


«  2021-08-01
Created topic  › hfsplus vs. ext4 vs. ExFAT vs. NTFS vs.

Call me crazy....

but i think pearOS 12.0 Monterey should have an experimental installer with 100% hfsplus file system, also the standard Ext4 version.

The 1st Debian with hfsplus file system.


«  2021-08-01
Replied to topic  › 4K Video Downloader 15.1-1

Good News.!

4.17.0 Portable

works from Terminal: $ ./4kvideodownloader.

«  2021-07-26
Created topic  › Arduino IDE 1.8.15

Works, but...

does Not work with Double M

«  2021-07-26
Created topic  › the feature i like the most about macOS & pearOS, and the one i hate most

selecting multiple files, right mouse click, Create a Folder..

love those time saving features...

Kubuntu 20.10 & Windows, are light years behind.


the thing i hate the most:

 i cannot change Bounce gravity setting in the Dock,

feels Hea

«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › XMR Monero Project

Monero XMR Desktop Node Wallet has daemon and GUI


«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › XMC Monero Classic desktop node

XMC Monero Classic is one of the many Forks,

comes from XMR Monero,

and monero XMR comes from Bytecoin BCN,

all are Cryptonight coins.

BCN has the original algorithm,

XMR changed the algorithm many times to avoid GPU, FPGA & ASIC miners,

XMC is

«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › feather monero xmr wallet

this one is strange... the .zip when extraced / unzipped to a folder.

in most linux i tested Ubuntu / Kubuntu 16, 18, 20.04, 20.10

does Not install...

does Not

«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › rptMIDI in OSX, Win & Linux

rptMIDI its a layer that allows to send MIDI over Ethernet,

a virtual MIDI driver,

comes in OSX since Tiger 10.4

in iOS since 4.2

«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › VNC works flawless

for KDE Linux, like Kubuntu and PearOS:

VNC Server:

$ sudo apt install krfb

VNC Viewer:

$ sudo apt install krdc 

im using RealVNC .apk for Android,

but there are others: UltraVNC, TightVNC, etc...

x11vnc for Linux works v

«  2021-07-18
Created topic  › aMule does Not install / Software install does Not say what dependecies are Not met.


pre compiled for Linux:

«  2021-07-18
Replied to topic  › Note

Nevermind, i found the configuration up in the taskbar, near the clock...

«  2021-07-15
Created topic  › Note

i selected the default directory,

gave a warning about cannot read.

now i cant reset knotes.

i want to uncheck the default directory.

«  2021-07-15
Created topic  › Activity Monitor, Diskmanager, HDD SSD Benchmark, etc...


installed Process Viewer,

similar icon to macOS,

but app is very slow, set at fastest refresh 0.5ms

too slow / choppy.

gnome system monitor 3.36.1 works better / more fluid,

graphics fit 1920 x 1080

system monitor 40.1 si

«  2021-07-15
Created topic  › pearOS wikipedia

i added a request in Operating Systems,

but the best way is to copy Kubuntu wiki, or macOS

edit to pearOS

and submit for creation.

requires login & registration.

«  2021-07-15
Replied to topic  › low quality "safari" icon

same here...

epiphany browser renamed to web...

but pearOS installer said it was called: Pafari

in About, the icon looks ok.

icon can be manually replaced in: Edit Application.

All, System or custom .svg .png etc...

Edit Appl

«  2021-07-15
Created topic  › 4K Video Downloader 15.1-1

4K Video Downloader in pearOS 12.0 Monterey

has same problem as Kubuntu 20.04 and newer...

pearOS Kernel 5.10 is newer,

but same issue.

latest version of 4K does Not open, does Not Run, Nada.

the only version that works is 15.1-1

«  2021-07-15
Created topic  › Github login does Not work.


«  2021-07-15
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