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Replied to topic  › Github login does Not work.

yeah I didn t set it up yet

«  2021-07-19
Replied to topic  › Activity Monitor, Diskmanager, HDD SSD Benchmark, etc...

I will keep in mind and maybe push an update

«  2021-07-19
Replied to topic  › pear menu

isn t a bug?

«  2021-07-19
Replied to topic  › Why i can't set Auto in theme switcher

The auto theme thing ins't implemented yet

«  2021-06-01
Created topic  › this is a test from MOBILE API

Soo, here is the first thing posted on the pearos forum, form the mobile app whih I want to publish on google play. Report bugs on

«  2021-05-17
Created topic  › Test


«  2021-05-17
Replied to topic  › Hello!

Hello there! I see you tested the forum:) 
Feel free to submit bugs at (you need to make an account first)

«  2021-05-10
Created topic  › Create a topic and start your discussions!

On Desktop press on Create Topic, set a Title, add tags.

On Mobile swipe from left to right(or use the hamburger menu from the top right), and follow the same steps.

Make sure to follow the rules of this forum!

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