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Welcome to the Official PearOS Forum made on Monday, 27th April 2021 
This isn't the official welcome That has already been done by alxb421.
This is just a welcome from me. Enjoy your stay and Confirming/Reporting Issues. Good Luck and Enjoy this forum!
Warm Welcome from


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2021-05-10   #1

Hello there! I see you tested the forum:) 
Feel free to submit bugs at https://bugs.pearos.xyz (you need to make an account first)

2021-05-14   #2

Hey! I've seen how the Bug reporting system and saw how you tested it. Thanks for replying actually I'm in the discord server and My Discord IGN: is RealAlvn formally TheAlvinOfficial So I'm actually friends with you discord. It was nice seeing you replying to this comment. And I hope this fourm doesn't die as fast as the other one Also Looking forward to seeing you comment and help people with their needs

:) from alvin. your friend

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