JackAudio vs. PulseAudio & ALSA

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Linux has many audio drivers, usually Non persistent.

mac OSX has CoreAudio, persistent.

Windows: WDM, DX, and ASIO, also persistent.

Linux: PulseAudio, ALSA, and Jack.

People Not interested in "Advanced Audio Routings & Settings",

usually ignore and leave as is...

but audio people like to tweak, experiment.

for Linux the most popular tools are: KX Studio Repositories,

long ago KX Studio had a Distro with KDE3, in Kubuntu 10.x

today, AVLinux is very popular, last time i tested, much better than Ubuntu Studio.

most tools can be installed in other Distros.

KX Studio repo and compiled binaries, are Not 100% compatibe with Kubuntu 20.10 or pearOS.

Jackd2 is a Routing Audio environment / driver, that allows to connect compatible audio software to soundcard and other software, with virtual audio cables.

Jack is more advanced for Linux than OSX or Win.

has a Nice GUI called QJackCtrl,

has Options:

[X] Draw connections as Curves.

if you get bored with straight lines.

but is very sentisive to driver settings.

Jack support is more limited vs. PulseAudio.

PulseAudio works with everything, but only has basic audio routing.

VLC has jack support,

Firefox has Jack support IF compiled with --jack flag.

sadly Firefox does Not have the option in:


unless compiled with.

Jack driver support is more limited,

but is more powerful.

there are many workarounds...

the most easy is to install:


and add a post startup script to QJackCtl Options to detect Pulse Audio Jack driver.

but driver is Not multi-client.


One of the advantages of Jack, for example is using: Jkmeter.

a nice looking, advanced audio meters for Linux.

can be configured to have multi-channel at start-up.

very advanced meter add-on for Jack.

a recommended soundcard: RME hdsp9632 PCI.

all features work & supported, has the old Gui, Not the weird New RME gui.

requires to install: hdsp-tools for the GUI DSP mixer and config.

Focusrite USB sound interfaces are very popular, Scarlett & Clarett,

they sound in Linux, and have basic Audio IO Linux / ALSA.

but Not the advanced mixer "Focusrite Control" for OSX and Win,

with Wine, Focusrite Control works... but does Not detect the USB audio interface.

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