Thunderbolt2 work ok.

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using Startech PCIe_x4 M.2 x1 adapter.

there are more advanced adapters,

but i don´t have those...

HighPoint 8x M.2  PCIe v3.0 v4.0

Sonnet 4xM.2 PCIe_x16, very fast in older PCIe v2.0

OWC 4xM.2  RAID2 = fast PCIe v3.0 v4.0

Samsung 970 Pro M.2 true 2-Bit MLC,

the 980 Pro it´s a TLC 3-Bit. "lower quality"

Enmotus FuzeDrive 1.6TB looks very interesting..

0.1TB SLC + 1.5TB QLC, but i don´t have it.

Mac Mini 2014 TB2 port

Apple Thunderbolt2 to TB3 bi-directional adapter.

Razer X Chroma eGPU

TB2 - TB2 cable

M.2 NVMe drive to PCIe_x4 + PCIe_x16 to TB3 enclosure + TB3 to TB2 bi-adapter.

Disks benchmark:

Write: 540MB/s

Read: 1400MB/s

also tested Sonnet Tempo Dual SATA-III 6Gbps to PCIe adapter.


TB has Boot problems using BIOS partition.

a legal Windows8.1x64 installed on a Bios Machine = has Bios Boot partition.

the HDD has Not an EFI partition. sadly Windows does Not install both partitions, if Not needed.

The Bios boot partition does Not Boot using Thunderbolt2.

and i cannot clone W8.1 with Clonezilla because Windows has anti-cloning security.

can be moved to another HDD with Microsoft USB Recovery drive tool,

but does Not allow to move Windows with Bios boot partition, in a EFI machine,

requires to move HDD using a Bios machine, and does Not create an EFI boot partition if needed.

Not as easy as Linux.

With Linux i simply copy partitions using Gparted USB tool, or with Clonezilla.

OSX also does Not have problems cloning, only problem in OSX is the UUID,

must be changed to have both drives working at same time, in the same machine.

updating one drive to onether version of OSX does Not change UUID.

there is a tool .dmg for OSX from CarbonCopyCloner that works ok for HFS+.

macOS terminal is complicated to change HFS+ UUID,

and Linux cannot change HFS+ UUID.


copied Kubuntu 20.10 from internal SATA to external M.2

and Boots Ok from Thunderbolt2,

because Boot partition has EFI.

pearOS Boot partition is detected by MacMini 2014 as Windows Boot Partition...

havent tested if Boots or Not using TB2.

i have to erase Kubuntu from the M.2 and copy pearOS from internal Apple AHCI PCIe_x4 drive to external M.2 NVMe, or buy another M.2 drive,

maybe later...

but Windows8.1 with a Bios boot partition does Not Boot with TB2.

a Win8.1 with a EFI boot partition probably will boot,

but is too risky to edit Windows hdd without activating Anti-Cloning Security measures. "makes HDD very slow, useless."

Thunderbolt Boot problem seems only when using a Bios Boot partition.

Thunderbolt2 Boots OK using a EFI Boot partition.

Kubuntu 20.10 is working Ok from TB2 

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