¿Is in beta or has a stable version ?

By degario300 at 2021-08-05 • 0 collector • 51 pageviews

Hi everybody, recently i want to change my linux distribution for other and i discovered Pear Os in Youtube. but i have a question, the project is in beta phase or actualy exist another version in production stable? thanks for the answers

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2021-08-13   #1

it is stable, that is Not the problem...

the problem is that comes "incomplete", without Activity monitor, Drive Partition tools, hfs tools, muon, synaptic, etc...

you have to install manually later.

works very nice, with most software i´ve tested.

also comes "Not customized" like macOS,

tweaking the Dock settings can be awesome,

Magnifier, Autohide, etc...

would be awesome an installer with hfsplus filesystem,

current installer is Stardard Debian ext4 filesystem.

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