hfsplus vs. ext4 vs. ExFAT vs. NTFS vs.

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Call me crazy....

but i think pearOS 12.0 Monterey should have an experimental installer with 100% hfsplus file system, also the standard Ext4 version.

The 1st Debian with hfsplus file system.



last time i tested in Kubuntu 10

Ext4 was faster than NTFS,

but NTFS was fail-safe...

Now Kubuntu 20.10 seems to have Fail-Safe Ext4...

files do Not get lost/erased when moving and cancel, or moving and power loss.

but hfsplus runs a lot faster than Ext4 and NTFS.

using gnome-disk-tools

Disks benchmark.

a lot faster.

in Mac:

when moving files from Windows/Bootcamp to macOS and backwards,

the most compatible file system is: ExFAT.

having a partition as ExFAT, 50% drive cappacity.

works flawlesss.

BUT... ExFAT support in Linux is Bad,

moving large ammount of folders/files from Linux Ext4 to ExFAT usually gives errors, that stop moving files, does Not skip..

very annoing..., ExFAT is almost useless in Linux.

GParted Rescue CD / USB does Not include ExFAT support.

ExFAT it´s a Bridge between Mac and Win,

but incomplete Bridge between Linux and the Full Triad:

Linux, Mac, Win.

ExFAT also requires Defrag..

and there are very few Defrag software that works for ExFAT,

most Defrag SW are designed for NTFS.

double Red Flag.

macOS can Read NTFS, Not Write, unless you buy a NTFS driver.

i´ve seen speed tests and Free NTFS drivers have lower performance.





NTFS requires constant Defrag...

it is insane, Near useless in large RAID´s.

APFS is less compatible,

 does Not Read Nor Write in Windows unless you buy a APFS driver.

 does Not R&W in OSX Sierra and older, Only works in OSX HighSierra and higher.

there was a free APFS driver for OSX Yosemite and better, but discontinued by paragon.

macOS has HFS+

from OSX SnowLeopard 10.6.8 to OSX HighSierra using hdd,

or OSX Sierra using SSD.

OSX HighSierra using SSD, is converted to APFS.

OSX Mojave is 100% APFS, hdd or ssd does Not matter.

Apfs feels snappier than HFS+ when used on macOS,


hfsplus when used in Linux Runs Faster than ext4

seems hfsplus does Not require Defrag,

is done automatically everytime a file is R|W in OSX, unknown in Linux.

there is an App for macOS that allows Defrag,

the best i´ve seen called DiskTools Pro from Macware,

only available in Amazon Store.

long story short:

Apple released hfs+ and apfs file systems as Open Source.

there are hfsplus tools translated to Linux, mostly works,

in Kubuntu 20.10 has problems with Labels it´s very confusing..

Apfs linux drivers do Not work in the Linux i´ve tested...

there are Paid Apfs drivers for Linux & Windows from Paragon-software.

but havent tested...







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