XMC Monero Classic desktop node

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XMC Monero Classic is one of the many Forks,

comes from XMR Monero,

and monero XMR comes from Bytecoin BCN,

all are Cryptonight coins.

BCN has the original algorithm,

XMR changed the algorithm many times to avoid GPU, FPGA & ASIC miners,

XMC is an XMR fork that goes back to the original Cryptonight Algorithm like BCN,

the reason is to use the ASIC moneros they built/manufactured.

basically: XMC is ASIC Monero.

The Linux Desktop Node Daemon is:

impossible to install,

imposible to compile.

requires a library:

"error: libboost_chrono.so.1.65.1: does No exist",

Ubuntu 16 has library v1.5x,

Ubuntu 18 has library v1.7

Kubuntu 20.10 has v1.5 & v1.7

PearOS can install 1.67 & 1.71 but still does Not work.


libboost_chrono1.67-dev is Not instalable.

there were many changes,

requires modification to the source to compile with newer OS libraries

precompiled version does Not instal, does Not Run,

$ ./moneroclassicd



source does Not compile.





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