feather monero xmr wallet

By juanpc2018 at 2021-07-18 • 0 collector • 21 pageviews


this one is strange... the .zip when extraced / unzipped to a folder.

in most linux i tested Ubuntu / Kubuntu 16, 18, 20.04, 20.10

does Not install...

does Not Run with double click.

in Kubuntu 20.10 does, dont know why.

in PearOS 12.0, the .zip

does Not install, Unknown Dependecies Not met, 

does Not Run with double click,


works ok with all linux,

setting to [X] Executable

And... runing from terminal:

$ ./feather-beta-8

works ok,


.appimage when set to [X] Executable, runs with double click,

but does Not connect to Nodes.

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