VNC works flawless

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for KDE Linux, like Kubuntu and PearOS:

VNC Server:

$ sudo apt install krfb

VNC Viewer:

$ sudo apt install krdc 

im using RealVNC .apk for Android,

but there are others: UltraVNC, TightVNC, etc...

x11vnc for Linux works very bad in Kubuntu 20.10,

did Not tested in PearOS because its also KDE.

in macOS the VNC comes pre-installed by default.

and Apple Store has an optional Microsoft RDP app,

Next test will be: RDP, same as VNC but with audio.

problem is: RDP is Not compatible OSX and Microsoft.

Linux RDP can see Microsoft, but Not OSX.

Windows RDP can see Linux, but Not OSX.

OSX can see Windows with Microsoft RDP App,

from OSX to OSX requires purchasing Apple RDP app in Apple store.

RDP is Not as compatible as VNC, but RDP has sound.


for iPads there was a Mouse VNC Only,

No screen, Awesome,

have found similar for Android but i have Not tested yet.

Cellphone and iPad hydrophobic screen feels very nice like velvet when used as a wireless TrackPad,

higher quality vs. Microsoft All-In-One Keyboard, plastic Trackpad.

havent tested the logitech version K400, trackpad looks smaller / strange.

the K830 looks much better,

the K600 looks weird:

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