4K Video Downloader 15.1-1

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4K Video Downloader in pearOS 12.0 Monterey

has same problem as Kubuntu 20.04 and newer...

pearOS Kernel 5.10 is newer,

but same issue.

latest version of 4K does Not open, does Not Run, Nada.

the only version that works is 15.1-1




Latest 4K works Ok in Kuntuntu 16 and 18.

Not 20.04, 20.10

is Not a pearOS bug per se, it´s a global Linux Ubuntu Bug.

4K suppport are lost.

if you need 4k you know what to do,

the only problem is that sometimes partsing does Not work,

you need to try until it works, sometimes 2 times, 

YouTube to stop downloads, changes ports or something,

very important to have latest 4K version working.

sooner or later 4.15-1 wont download.

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2021-07-26   #1

Good News.!

4.17.0 Portable


works from Terminal: $ ./4kvideodownloader.sh

does Not work with Double Mouse Click.

does Not work with: $ ./4kvideodownloader-bin

Only .sh

Offline installer does Not work...


in Kubuntu 20.10 installer works, double click works, but open folder / play file still does Not work.

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